One minute is the average for holding one's breath but this guy held his for over 21 mins!

On average, people can hold their breath for about one minute. The world record is 21 minutes 29 seconds, by David Merlini.

The stunt: Merlini was lowered into a tank on the Sakhir start line by a small crane, his aim to spend as much time as possible underwater without breathing, remaining entirely visible from beginning to end. The target was to beat his own world record from last year of 20 minutes 39 seconds and to push past 21 minutes.

A who’s who of Formula One stood by in amazement watching the time tick by without any visible sign of Merlini surfacing: Formula One Management CEO Bernie Ecclestone, Virgin chief Richard Branson, Toyota team President John Howett, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner, drivers Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel, Jarno Trulli and Timo Glock were all baffled bystanders to the unbelievable performance.

As the seconds moved past the 20:39 mark the spectators on the track and the fans in the stands started to clap and there was a breathtaking wave of applause when Merlini finally emerged from the tank after 21 minutes and 29 seconds.

“I knew that he would do it,” said Bernie Ecclestone. “When I first heard of it I thought ‘impossible’, but after I met him I was sure that he is for real. What a performance!” An astonished Branson added: “This guy would be perfect for space!”


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