There's a law that bans loud commercials.

There's a law that bans loud commercials.

Coming soon to a TV near you: Quieter commercials.

Starting in January, all TV stations must comply with a new law that bans so-called “sweetening” in advertisements. That’s the term for when stations alter the sound of commercials, to make them about 10% louder than the shows they interrupt.

Why do that? Because research shows that “sweetening” really works! In fact, according to psychologist Joseph Cilona, people are hard-wired to pay attention to loud noises - because we associate loud noises with “threats” – and knowing how to respond to them helps us survive! Also, advertisers have found that with the right sweetening, they can grab your attention right after you’ve become emotionally involved in a TV show, and then shift your feelings in a way that makes you more likely to make a purchase.

However, surveys show that 80% of people say loud commercials are annoying. That’s why Congress recently passed a new law requiring ads to play at volumes no louder than the rest of the show they’re used in. That new law goes into effect on January 1st. And all TV stations must comply within the next year.

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